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Fresh Ricotta

Produced exclusively from ewe’s milk. White, soft, delicate, excellent for preparing many different dishes and desserts. It is processed according to a special process and then nestled gently into faisselles (special basket-shaped moulds, fuscelle in Italian) that give it its characteristic shape of a truncated cone. Fresh ricotta cheese preserves intact the refined taste of the flowering pastures of Sardinia.
Ingredients: ewe’s milk whey

A versatile ingredient for appetizers, first courses, second courses and several desserts. Store in the refrigerator at a temperature of + 2 ° to + 4 °.

Fresh Ricotta
Fresh Ricotta

Ref.: Mild Ricotta
EAN Code: 2853020
Weight Package:
maxi kg 1,5
Packs per box: 10
Boxes per pallet: 20
Shelf-life months: one week

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