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Ricotta mustia

Ricotta mustia is a particular type of fresh ricotta cheese obtained from ewe’s milk, salted and slightly smoked. It is produced exclusively from ewe’s milk and processed according to an artisanal system. The result is a soft and delicate paste, cylindrical and compact. It has hardly any rind at all; its paste has a tender, compact texture; a faint aroma of smoking; savoury taste; gusto sapido;
Ingredients: ewe’s milk whey and salt

Ricotta mustia is excellent combined with vegetables and cold cuts. Grated it is excellent for turning first courses into real dainties, while fresh and diced it makes vegetables and / or rice salads tastier. Store in the refrigerator at a temperature of + 2 ° to + 4 °.

Ricotta mustia
Ricotta mustia

Ref.: Natural Ricotta mustia
EAN Code: 2853030
Weight Package:
mini kg 0,400
medi kg 1,500
Packs per box: 12
Boxes per pallet: 20
Shelf-life months: 4

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