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Pecorino Balente is a tasty soft table cheese, semi-cooked and with a compact white texture and a characteristic strong and full-bodied flavour. If mature, it acquires a greater texture which makes it suitable for grating as well.
Ingredients: ewe’s milk, rennet, salt, natural lactic cultures.

We recommend the use of Pecorino Balente for the preparation of appetizers and snacks or in combination with second courses. It is incomparable as an ingredient for delicious sausage kebabs, served with “carasau” bread and a good red wine. It is also excellent for roasting. Store in the refrigerator at a temperature ranging from +6 ° C to +8 ° C.


Ref.: Pecorino Balente
EAN Code: 2852960
Weight Package:
mini gr. 800
medi gr. 1900
maxi gr. 4000
Packs per box: 24/12/8
Boxes per pallet: 20
Shelf-life months: 10

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