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Sweet cream cheese

Delicious sweet cream spread produced by melting sweet cheeses with ricotta manufactured by Caseificio 3L dairy (based on Ricotta Gentile and Pecorino Balente). It is packaged in glass jars with the characteristic shape of an “orcetto” (i.e. little jar).
Ingredients: Pecorino Balente, ricotta cheese, water, salt, flavourings.

Excellent spread on canapés, toasts, “carasau” bread, for hot dishes, besides being an unusual alternative to mayonnaise. Store in the refrigerator at a temperature of + 6 ° to + 8 °.

Sweet cream cheese
Sweet cream cheese

Ref.: Sweet cream cheese
EAN Code: 8027182000026
Weight Package:
mini 0,200 kg
Packs per box: 30 / 15
Boxes per pallet: 20
Shelf-life months: 6

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